‘Day of AI’ Spurs Classroom Discussions on Societal Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

The White House’s ‘Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights’ anchors K-12 curricular materials from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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More than Half of Students Will Use AI Writing Tools Even if Prohibited by Their Institution — Campus Technology

In a recent survey by Tyton Partners, nearly one in three college students reported being a regular user of generative AI. And 51% of students said they will continue to use generative AI writing tools, even if prohibited by their instructor or institution.
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Teachers are split on bringing ChatGPT into elementary, high schools | CBC News

There’s growing concern among educators that high school and elementary students might use ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, to complete their assignments. It’s ringing alarm bells for some, while others have embraced introducing the technology to their classrooms.
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